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Bespoke 360° Virtual Tours

To win new business and develop trust, companies need to create powerful presentations and tell engaging stories. If one picture is worth ten thousand words, then a personal meeting is surely worth more. Unfortunately, travel restrictions, busy schedules, and budget cuts make physical meetings a luxury. Although Zoom and Skype are extremely useful communication tools, they are missing an immersive “look and feel” element you get when you visit someone’s office, factory, or site in-person.

Virtual Tours are a fantastic way to create a visual 3D representation of any business. As viewers on average spend up to 5 times longer viewing a virtual tour over a standard web page, they are far more likely to remember you and your business.

What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is a digital representation of a physical location or an asset, most commonly built on 360° panoramic images and videos enabling viewers to seamlessly walk through the model as if they were actually there themself! Other multimedia elements like voiceover guides, music, sound effects, floor plans, and 3D models could also be used in the virtual tour offering engagement and learning opportunities.

Where the Tours Are Being Used?

With the digitalisation of our society, virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular as marketing and presentation methods. They have the unique ability to teleport visitors to the virtual environment which offers more natural educational and interactive tools.

Virtual tours are commonly integrated into industrial, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, travel & culture, retail, and higher education websites.

How the Tours Are Being Used?

Think of a virtual tour as a digital three-dimensional twin of a real location. Virtual tour can offer visitors a very entertaining and natural way of learning about your business. Possibilities are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Here are just a few examples of how virtual tours are being used:

Hosting virtual visits to the manufacturing plants and showcasing production lines, equipment, machinery, R&D centres, etc.

Hosting virtual visits to mine sites, processing, and transport facilities.

Demonstration of construction projects, showcasing their development stages and presenting how they will look when finished.

Creating online supplement to the annual reports

Presentation of key assets, operations, and projects to investors, media, and other stakeholders.

Presentation of facilities that cannot accommodate a large group of visitors at a time e.g., data centres, mines, hospitals, vaults, ships, etc.

Organising educational visits to museums, galleries, exhibitions.

Hosting open days and employment fairs.

Adding an online supplement to in-person trade shows and events.

Visualisation of travel to various destinations such as towns, geographic locations, historic buildings, remote areas.

Real and commercial estate marketing.

Organising immersive events.

Running online training, tests, and exams.

Showcasing 3D models of products, equipment, and buildings.

Preparing education programs using interactive media and active participation.

What Do We Offer?

We create bespoke tours of any complexity ranging from a single office to a multi-national business operating around the world.

To enhance the user experience, tour scenes can be enriched with clickable media such as video, audio, photos, documents, floor-plans, 3D models and even live video streams.

Virtual tour can be optimised for virtual reality headsets, desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Each tour is entirely self-contained and runs directly from your website, allowing you to be free from the constraints of 3rd party hosting or websites to hold your content. If required, the tour can be converted to a stand-alone file and presented on a local PC without the need to go online.

Online tours can be run in manual mode offering visitors an option to roam free in their own time.

We can also enable automatic mode which will take visitors from one scene to another and accompany them by pre-recorded voice-over guidance.

Automatic guide can also draw visitors’ attention to specific media by opening photos, videos, information windows and pre-recorded audio files.

The tour can also be run by a human representative who will be able to guide visitors and answer their questions in real-time as it happens with in-person visits.

Virtual Tour Creation Process

We can work anywhere in the world and aim to complete standard projects within 10 working days and can complete certain projects as quickly as in 24 hours.

View the process below.

Tour Specification




Export and Hosting

After its completion, the tour is converted into a file that the client can use on a standalone computer. We also provide files that can be uploaded on the client’s web server and embedded in the corporate website. If required, we offer web hosting and maintenance services.

In addition, we also offer production of the 360° videos of the tour in the format supported by YouTube and Facebook. We can also help clients to register the tour on Google maps.

Another unique option we offer is integration with the TURN Service which allows clients to use the online version of the tour for organising live tour demonstrations via browser.

Other integrations can include live streaming, chatbot, online shopping, virtual switchboard, and other solutions.

For further information please feel free to contact us.