Virtual 2D Halls

2D meeting and networking room

From 100 to 10,000 participants

The 2D room can hold up to 2000 online participants and can be designed with the branded backdrop and divided into areas. Residents can use the room for organising presentations with up 5 guest speakers and ask guests to introduce themselves or answer ice-break question on entry. Guests can meet with each other by creating a meeting circle for up to 8 people. Each meeting circle can be locked for holding private conversation. 2D room can be used for holding networking meetings, conferences and other types of interactive online events.


Our Unique Offer

  • TV-Grade webcast production
  • Translation of up to four languages simultaneously
  • High-capacity multi-streaming to virtual room and up to 30 social media channels from any webinar platform
  • Interactive sessions with live moderated Q&As
  • Group and peer-to-peer chat
  • Two-way meeting scheduling and instant synchronisation
  • Live polls and advanced presentation tools for real-time audience engagement