Presentation Opportunities

Online Events Services

To attract visitors to their booth, exhibitors can organise presentations, product demonstrations, networking meetings using virtual conference rooms integrated in their booths. 

$700 per event

Promotion of self-hosted events

We can assist exhibitors with promoting their events by sending out email invitation to MINEX Forum mining news subscribers and publish them in MINEX Forum social media groups.


Online Event Management

from $2500

Turn-key Virtual Event Management

Our virtual event management package includes.


Event Website

Creation of the event information page on MINEX Forum website, including the program, speakers’ profiles, creation and connection of registration form for participants. Creation of a broadcast page, including video player, event program, speakers’ profiles, connecting chat with speakers, chat between participants, crawling information line, instructions for viewers.

Virtual event room set-up

We will create a computer-generated 3D model of the virtual event room which will include broadcast screen. We can also place a downloadable event agenda, speaker profiles and additional promotional literature and videos. The room will be linked to your virtual booth. Guests arriving to the booth will be greeted by computer-generated avatar who will greet your guests with a pre-recorded message will invite them to enter the event meeting room. If your quests are having technical issues with joining the meeting, our technical team will provide support via chat and video calls during the meeting.

Speaker Support

Selecting suitable presentation platform for running the event, technical training sessions with speakers, pre-recording presentations of the speakers who cannot take part in the live broadcast, technical support during the live broadcast.

Live multichannel broadcast

Live or pre-recorded events will be streamed to the main screen of the Virtual event room. Organiser's or event watermark will be added to the stream.
If required, the event can be multi-streamed simultaneously to several social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitch and Vimeo.
Video recordings of the events are recorded and shared with the organisers via cloud sharing e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive.

Post-event promotion

After the event, video recording can be added to the Exhibitor's virtual booth and disseminated vis MINEX Forum mining news digests.

Additional Services

Simultaneous Translation Setup

Setting up simultaneous translation program on the broadcast page. The cost for each language channel.


Simultaneous Translation of Live Online Events

Simultaneous translation of online presentations and meetings held at the virtual booth. The cost for each language channel, 2 hours of simultaneous translation.

From $500

Editing Video Recording

Editing video recording of the event with an option to publish it in public domain or under a password. The cost for 10 min.



Creating video with native voice-over and multiple audio tracks (up to 5 languages). The cost for 10 min. per audio track.



Conversion of audio (25 languages) into text. The cost for 10 min.



Subtitles preparation cost for 10 min.


Sponsorship Opportunities

To increase visibility and raise company profile exhibitors can purchase additional sponsorship packages. Terms available on request.