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In theory, this is possible, if you do not take into account emotional, communicative and cognitive aspects of human communication, which are possible only in the real world. From a practical point of view the most effective way is a virtual exhibition in combination with a physical one. In this scenario, virtual exhibition performs the function of storing information and providing access to it without time constraints.

Another important advantage is the ability to attract attention from a wider audience. To attend virtual exhibition the participants do not need to fly or go somewhere. To visit virtual exhibition you just need to open your computer and fill out a questionnaire. Opportunity to communicate via chat and to have an introductory meeting right there at the booth makes access to the audience easier for the exhibitors. Three-dimensional space combined with interactive elements creates a more natural environment for visitors and increases the length of time they spend at the exhibition.

Unlike computer games, the exhibition is built on a platform that does not require downloading any software apart of web browser or use of 3D glasses. We recommend using the latest version of Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox to visit and view interactive content from the booths. Using Edge browser can be problematic for some visitors. For example, some versions of Edge do not support watching videos posted to YouTube.

Almost the same tools work in the virtual world as in the real one: content, packaging, interactivity, communications, advertising.

The first rule is that people “buy” with their eyes. In other words, the more interesting and aesthetically pleasing your booth is, the more attention it will attract. Thanks to computer graphics, it is relatively easy to create “wow” effects in the virtual space that will attract attention and impress visitors. In addition to standard exhibition blocks we can offer a choice of non-standard solutions that will be unique.

Another important element is interactivity. In a virtual space, it is possible to integrate exhibits that sometimes cannot be presented at a physical booth. For example, you can embed a 3D model of a drill rig or teleport visitors to a virtual tour of the facility. We have many solutions in our tool-shed that can help you attract attention and increase traffic.

The contents of the booth play an important role in attracting your key audience. Your task is to present information that is of practical interest to potential visitors and make them click on a button, view the presentation, and ask you questions.

If your booth is empty, there is a high probability that a visitor, having viewed the contents of the booth, will not contact you, leaving any questions he may have “for later”. Integrating an avatar assistant or a chat bot into an exhibition booth, who will answer standard questions and help make an appointment with your specialists, will greatly increase the “productivity” of your booth and reduce the number of “lost visitors”.

If you want your booth to be remembered and visited by many, in addition to updating the content, you need to regularly remind of yourself. Use news and events to grab attention of your audience. From our side, we can provide services for the distribution of news and events that you plan to organize as part of the virtual exhibition. More details can be found in the section “exhibitors’ terms”.

Yes, it is possible. Exhibiting companies can organise small meetings and events for up to 2000 participants on the virtual platform of MINEX conference and exhibition complex. The proposal is sent on the basis of the terms of reference. More detailed information is published in the section “Presentation opportunities”.

The booth is built by MINEX forum team on the basis of the selected package and materials provided for the presentation. Typically the process of setting up a standard 2D booth takes about 24 hours. Creation and completion of a three-dimensional booth or an individual design booth can take a few days. It may take one to two days for changes to be made.

Detailed information on integrating additional instruments into the booth is presented in the section “exhibitors’ terms”. If you do not find what you need in the list of services, send us a request with a detailed description of what you need. In most cases, we will be able to integrate technologies supported by Internet browsers into your booth.