Virtual Exhibition

The exhibition is an augmented extension of physical and hybrid events organised by the MINEX Forum. The exhibition provides opportunities for organising online presentation of machines, equipment, services and projects in the field of exploration, production and processing of metals and minerals. Visitors can access the exhibition via an Internet browser at any time without downloading additional software. The technology behind the exhibition creates a sense of real presence. Visitors can independently move through the halls, visit individual stands, open documents, watch videos, listen to audio recordings. Through feedback forms or contact buttons, visitors can ask exhibitor a question, book appointment, arrange a phone or a video call.

Exhibition Halls

Virtual exhibition booths are located in exhibition halls divided by regions where MINEX forums are held – Kazakhstan, Russia and Europe. The list of exhibitors is placed at the entrance to each hall on interactive plans with the possibility of teleportation to the selected booth.

Exhibition Booths

Exhibitors can choose a 3D or 2D booth model or order an individual design. The standard virtual exhibitor package includes placement of company name and logo on the booth facia, short description of the company and voice greeting in Russian and English, feedback form integration, placement of up to 10 presentations in PDF and JPEG (photo) formats.

Analytics and Lead Generation

By connecting an online analytical service to their booth, the exhibitor will be able to review information about the visitors, their geolocation, duration of their visit, what documents or presentations were clicked-on. Through a lead generation program connected to the booth, the exhibitor will be able to collect contact information and in return offer bonuses in the form of discounts, subscriptions, prizes, and more.

Video Calls and Messaging

The ability to integrate common means of video communication allows exhibitors to communicate with visitors in real time. To organize video calls, exhibitors can connect to their virtual booth meetings in ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google meet, Facebook Messenger Room and other services.

Virtual Switchboard

If required, exhibitor can integrate in their booth a virtual Switchboard with a built-in voice greeting, call forwarding, call recording, an answering machine with an option of sending recorded messages to an email address.

Virtual Assistant-Avatar

Exhibitors can connect a virtual assistant to the virtual exhibition booth and set up a communication scenario with a choice of Russian or English. An assistant will help to answer general questions and, if necessary, connect the visitor with a company representative.

3D Meeting Room

A virtual three-dimensional hall can be connected to the exhibition booth for holding presentations for groups of up to 25 people.


To boost interaction with visitors, exhibitors can integrate into their exhibition stand various gamification elements such as polls, tests, quizzes and ruffles.

VIP Areas

Individual areas of the exhibition or elements of exhibition booths can be password-protected to create spaces for private meetings with clients.