Virtual Platform

The MINEX virtual platform was created for organising events in the field of exploration, extraction and processing of solid minerals. This universal platform allows you to conduct online events of almost any format, incl. exhibitions, fairs, conferences, competitions, tenders, festivals, etc. The platform is built on a computer generated model of a multifunctional exhibition and conference complex.

Benefits for Resident Companies

Branded Exhibition Booth

Each resident has his own branded booth with information about the company, contact details and presentation materials.


Residents can answer visitors' questions at any time via personal chat and hold video meetings at their booth or in the networking area.

Additional Tools

Residents can integrate into their booths or sponsored areas additional tools for visit analytics, lead generation, promotions, gamification, virtual PBX connection, and so on.

Online Events

Residents can rent virtual rooms for online events for their guests and use the technical support of MINEX forum.

Advertising Support

MINEX Forum Secretariat provides advertising support for events organised by residents on the platform.

Mobile Application

Residents have access to a mobile application that provides access to materials and individual participants of selected MINEX Forum events.

* By residents we mean companies that have booked exhibition booths and or sponsor events and exhibition areas. Residents are offered discounts for creating additional virtual spaces and virtual tours.

Virtual Exhibition and Conference Complex

Exhibition Foyer

Registration and welcome desk is located in the foyer, which connects all the halls of the complex. The foyer also houses information kiosks, where visitors can receive information about events and answers to questions via instant messenger chat or video call.


Exhibition halls accommodate from 5 to 100 exhibitors each and are connected to a virtual conference centre. All exhibition booths are decorated in the corporate colours of the exhibitor's logo and are equipped with opportunities for posting general information about the company in Russian and English. The can also display in digital format marketing presentations, virtual models of machines and equipment, video films, etc. Each exhibitor can communicate with visitors in real time via chat and hold meetings in a personal room.

Conference Centre

The conference centre houses a foyer for separate registration of participants, conference rooms for parallel sessions, as well as halls for organizing virtual “speed-dating”, private meetings and a VIP area for sponsors.

The Uniqueness of the Platform

Different Types of Participation in the Exhibition


  • The opportunity to meet with the companies presented at the exhibition.
  • Opportunity to arrange individual meetings with representatives of exhibiting companies.
  • Access to materials presented at the exhibition booths.
  • Access to public events.
  • Participation in the prize draws and quizzes.

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  • All options offered to visitors are included.
  • Access to events closed to visitors.
  • Opportunity to communicate with speakers.
  • Access to the list of participants via the app with an option of scheduling individual meetings.
  • Access to presentation materials closed to visitors.

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  • All options offered to delegates are included.
  • Access to the mobile app with a list of MINEX Kazakhstan 2019 forum participants and the ability to contact them through the app.
  • Display marketing and presentation materials at your branded booth.
  • Ability to communicate directly with visitors via chat and organize meetings in the virtual meeting area.
  • Ability to connect a private virtual room for holding private meetings.
  • Ability to connect analytical tools for collecting information about the number of visits, presentations downloads, geolocation of visitors, etc.
  • Ability to organise business games and prize draws.
  • Ability to organise live or recorded events.
  • Assistance with marketing and promotion.

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  • All options offered to exhibitors are included.
  • Wide choice of individually designed exhibition booths.
  • Logo placement on banners.
  • Logo and company materials placement in all halls.
  • Ability to organise an individual event.
  • Emailing invitation to the event to all visitors and participants of the exhibition.
  • Ability to organise meetings in the VIP room for individual groups of participants.
  • Ability of conducting polls, voting, prize draws for event participants.

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