Virtual vs Physical Exhibition

Compare the opportunities of MINEX Forum virtual and physical exhibitions

Functionality Physical exhibitor Virtual Exhibitor
Duration 2 days, from 9 am to 5.30 pm 12 months, without time restrictions
Staff Physical presence of the company staff required for the duration of exhibition Online presence of a company representative is required to respond to inquiries via live chat, email or video calls
Staff training Briefing on the products or services presented. General interaction algorythm Training in using the tools of the virtual booth. Briefing on the products or services presented. General interaction algorithm
Booth construction and disassembly Exhibitor is responsible for assembly and disassembly of the booth Booth design and configuration is carried out by the organisers
Transportation of equipment and exhibits The Exhibitor is responsible for custom clearance (in case of delivery from abroad), delivery and storage of the property The exhibitor provides content for the booth (presentations, videos, 3D models, texts, links to websites, etc.) in electronic format
Equipment demonstration restrictions The size of the exhibition limits the possibilities for displaying large equipment The presentation of exhibits and equipment is carried out in a virtual space and is limited only by the file size and its format
Choice of exhibition booth Available Available
Individual booth design Available Available
Placement of banners, posters and other visual elements Design, production, delivery, storage Design
Booth size Restricted by the size of exhibition halls Unrestricted
Company information Published in the catalogue and on the website Published on the website and in your virtual booth
Exhibitor categories and search Embedded on the website Embedded on the website
Meeting room Can be added to the booth Virtual room is connected to the booth
Bar and catering Catering services hire. Venue approval and consent is required No need to cater for visitors
Functionality Physical exhibitor Virtual Exhibitor
Video presentation at the booth TV screen and video player rental (or delivery of own equipment) Built into virtual booth
Booklets and leaflets Printing, delivery, literature stand rental PDF and PowerPoint materials
Audio greeting Technologically difficult Standard option
Prize draw Carried out through business cards collection (on paper) Contacts are collected through the feedback forms and chat
Souvenirs Production, delivery, storage Prize draws, discounts, bonuses, etc.
Speaking opportunities Private room rental, speaking at the forum session (physical speaker’s presence) Webinar built into the exhibition booth, speaking at the forum session (virtual attendance by the speaker), organisation of private event
Presentation announcement Announcement on the website, in the forum program, distribution of invitations at the booth Announcement on the forum website and in the section of the exhibition events program, video, audio and text invitation at the virtual booth, electronic mailing of invitations to visitors via a mobile app
Publication and distribution of the presentation video recording Publication in the forum materials (online) and on the YouTube channel. Access restricted by password Publication in the video section of the archive of the exhibition residents’ presentations (with possibility of providing access upon request). Publication in the forum materials (online) and on YouTube channel. Access restricted by password
Advertising opportunities Advertising in the catalogue, mobile app and on the website Advertising in the exhibition halls, mobile app and on the website
Functionality Physical exhibitor Virtual exhibitor
Communications with visitors Physical presence of company representative at the exhibition is necessary Communications are possible via live chat or chatbot with automated responses to standard questions and forwarding more specific questions to a physical representative (remotely)
Meetings planning Via company representative physically present at the exhibition and via contact form on the website Carried out through an online chat with representative and a feedback form on the site
Meeting space Physical meetings take place at the exhibitor’s booth, social areas and closed halls Online meetings are held in a private room with password protection. The number of meeting participants is limited to 25
Lead generation Carried out through the collection of business cards, questionnaires and badge scanning Сarried out through the feedback form, calendar of meetings, questionnaires, gamification
Visitor statistics Unavailable Can be provided on request
Announcements for visitors Carried out through mobile app Carried out through mobile app